Chulo Singer Timaya has advised the youths to invest the little money they earn from their hard work and not be foolish because when they get broke nobody will pick their calls as nobody loves anybody.

Timaya supposedly speaking at a recent event in Lagos decided to advise the youth to save or invest the little money they have worked for because if they go broke nobody will pick their calls and that is because nobody loves anybody so just get your money right and go home.

According to him, when you have your money you can call the shots so tell yourself you must be focused in 2022 as it might be right with you asking the youths present to promise him to achieve that thing they believe in and always want to achieve.

Timaya added that he was a dirty-smelling boy who was selling plantain before but today he’s young and rich therefore, as a youth you have to work hard and get your money the right way because when you have money, you call the shots.

Timaya’s advice of investing is a very good one because as he rightly said when you’re broke, nobody will even answer your calls not to talk of mingling with you hence, it’s up to you as an individual to make good use of the chances that come your way.

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