Zazoo zee.

“Zazoo Zeh” is the latest slang in Nigeria. The slang has been trending on all social media for over two days. You should have heard the slang by now. The originator of this trending slang is a street singer, named, Portable Omolalami, well-known with the street name, “Werey Olorin”.

Zazoo zeh

The guy has been on the Lagos streets, singing for over ten years before he met the popular Nigerian rapper, Olamide Gbenga Adedeji, popularly known as “Baddo”, about two days. You will learn in this article how he met Olamide and how he became a popular person.

Portable hails from Ogun State but was born and raised in Lagos State, where he started his music career. His real name is Habeeb Okikiola, but he is popular with his street names, “Portable, Werey Olorin, or Wahala Musician”.

Photo: Olamide and Portable

He had sent his songs to many promoters before he later met Olamide. He was introduced to Olamide by a popular Nigerian Dancer, Iweh Pascal Odinaka, well known as Poco Lee. He played one of his songs for him and He loved it.

Photo: Poco Lee, Portable and Olamide

He became a popular person after Poco Lee posted a video of him crying when he met Olamide. Olamide decided to help him. Olamide and Polo Lee were featured in his latest hit song, titled, “Zazoo Zeh”.

Zazoo Zeh is now the latest slang and song in Nigeria.

Zazoo zeh

Do you think “Werey Olorin” will survive in the Nigerian music industry?

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