Popular Nigerian dancer, brand ambassador and social media influencer whose full names are Usiwo Jane Piles, but popularly known as Jane Mena, deemed it fit to take to her social media handle, Instagram, to give out what seems more of a piece of advice to every single lady out there.

According to her, she made it known that it would be better to date both guys because you will actually need that #200 to withdraw the #10,000 that was sent to you.

The beautiful dancer could have possibly been “catching cruise” with her upload which is what makes her one of the most relevant influencers. How be it, your thoughts about her advice would be very much appreciated in the comment section.

Should a lady double date just because of the financial advantages? What then happens to the integrity of the lady in question? Please, respectfully drop your opinion in the comment section below.

In the mid hours of Thursday, 30th of December, 2021, the beautiful and amazing dancer advised ladies not to jilt any guy who gives them a paltry sum of #200 for the guy who has the financial capabilities of providing up to #10,000. Instead, she should date the both of them. Jane Mena then gave the reason to buttress her advice/opinion.

By Ozulumba

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